Work time tracking for self-employed, freelancers and employees

Quickly and easily record working times, keep track and create monthly reports

Easy time tracking with central dashboard - for Mac, Windows, Linux as well as iOS and Android

Simple Time Tracking

With integrated stopwatch, record working time with just three clicks or quickly and easily track time manually.

Times Overview

Current weekly and monthly working times always in view on the dashboard. 4-week chart shows trends.

Monthly Report & PDF

Monthly report with detailed weekly overview incl. weekly and total sum as well as download as PDF.

Synchronization & Backup

Thanks to cloud storage, new times can be added on every device and are immediately up-to-date on other devices.

Vacation days & report

New Overview of taken and still available vacation days directly on dashboard as well as vacation report with download.

Extended analyses

In Progress Detailed analysis of working times on a daily/weekly/monthly basis as a chart and table view with additional details.

Project management

Todo Project management incl. assignment to time entries as well as filtering of reports and analyses on project level.

E-Mail Reminders

Todo Submission reminder for monthly timesheet as well as reminder if weekly work time entries are still missing at end of week.

Intuitive user interface with central dashboard

Simple and self-explanatory functions and quick access from the dashboard to weekly working hours, monthly report as well as vacation times. Recording of new times, overview of already tracked hours as well as revision of time entries or notes with just one click.

  • Dashboard with current times
  • Display of vacation days
  • Vacation report + download
  • Week view for editing
  • Monthly report/timesheet
  • PDF-Report (in all plans)
Simple and fast time recording on any device
Working time recording with integrated stopwatch and automatic synchronization on all devices

Always and everywhere record new working times and keep track of them

WorkTime-Tracker is where you are. As a web app for all browsers on Mac, Windows and Linux - as a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Recording of the current working time immediately at the start of work with just one click on the start button of the stopwatch.

Use the pause button during the lunch break and the start button again at the end of the break.

At the end of the working day, all you need to do is click on the stop button - and your working time is recorded completely and accurately.

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Which version is the right one?

All planes include a free 30-day trial of the Pro version (starting from 2024)



Free of charge - forever
  • Contains:
  • Time recording with stopwatch
  • Manual working time tracking
  • Dashboard with week/month overview
  • Week view for reworking
  • Monthly report + PDF-Report
  • Synchronization & Backup
  • Access from any device
  • Free apps for iOS and Android


1,00$ / Month

Annual payment
  • All Basic features and:
  • Round recorded times (5, 10, 15 min.)
  • Individual start/break and end times
  • Overview of vacation days on dashboard
  • Extended charts & analyses
  • Customizable monthly report
  • Vacation report + PDF download
  • Reminder for weekly working time target
  • E-mail support for problems


2,50$ / Month

Annual payment
  • All Basic & Plus features and:
  • Submission reminder for timesheets
  • CSV export for Excel/Numbers
  • Project management & assignment
  • Extended analyses per project
  • Monthly report filterable by project
  • Monitoring of the planned project time
  • Attach file attachments to time entries
  • Extended e-mail support for all questions

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Create and settle monthly reports

At the end of the month, simply download the detailed monthly report including weekly sums as a PDF report and bill your client.

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With the free Android and iOS App, recording working time is just a click away.

Use the stopwatch to track new working times including breaks and see your current weekly and monthly hours as well as the last four weeks as charts at any time.

See at any time how many vacation days you have already taken and how many vacation days are still available.

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